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A day on set can be pretty turbulent, but also exciting at the same time. So let's describe how a day works.

You will usually get all the information about the time, location and clothing the day before the shoot. As soon as you are on the set, you report to the set manager, but he is only there if there are more than ten extras. If there are fewer than ten extras, the team will register on site.

There is currently a distance and mask requirement on the set. After registration, the Covid test (quick test) takes place. If the result is negative, you will be sent to the costume. The colleagues in the costume department look at the outfits you have brought with you and then adjust them if necessary. Then the mask looks at your unique face and gives you a refresher.

Once it's done, you wait to be needed. This free time should also be used for going to the toilet. Food and drink are also available on site. While waiting, you can also network with other extras and possibly make contacts in the industry. As long as you're waiting, it's also incredibly important to log out and log in when you go to the toilet or leave the lounge. Walking on the set is not allowed.

When it finally starts, you come to the set. The many cameras, the actors, the director, the team and much more. Even before you hear "action", the cell phone must be silent, and the cell phone must not vibrate either. The instructions of the assistant director and the set supervisor must be followed so that it runs smoothly. Don't speak loudly either, because the microphone will hear everything, including your breath if it's close.

A scene is shot more than once, which means this process is repeated several times. Once the scene is wrapped up, there is also a lunch break and the long-awaited meal so that you can continue strengthened. If the stomach is full and happy, it goes back to the costume for a possible outfit change. If there is no change, then it goes back to the set.

At the end of the day (always different, no set times) you've finished shooting, but you, dear extra, aren't done yet. You will change and get ready to go home. If you have borrowed clothes from the costume then these must of course be returned. Then you fill out your fee slip and wait for the set manager to call out your name. When you hear your name, you take your fee and have a nice evening.

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