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Our mission statement

Our vision

The People Cast Agency is the reliable, flexible and humane partner for all German and English language movie, television or content productions in and around Austria. We aim to give everyone the opportunity to be a part of the most exciting place to work - the set. 

Our mission

Our young and dynamic team knows what is important.

All employees know the industry and its peculiarities and bring outstanding organizational skills, patience and professionalism. Experience on the set and in the private sector, multifaceted training and lucrative minds characterize our way of working. 

From helping to find your cast, organizational work, billing, project work to helping hands directly on set.
Always with an eye on the essentials - and an eye on the human beings. 

Our values

We live reliability, humanity, diversity and fairness. We move with the time and know the industry.
For a positive and professional film landscape in Austria. 

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