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Getting into the extra series is actually quite easy. No problem even during the Corona Pandemic.

If you are also interested in getting a taste of the film industry, then look for an extras agency (for example us :D) and apply. Of course, every agency has different requirements, but as an extra you always have an advantage.

Anyone can participate as an extra. There are no restrictions on age, size, looks or style. Any type of person can be used.

Of course, productions sometimes have special requirements in order to do justice to the plot, but this is not a hurdle. In such cases, so-called extra castings are held from time to time.

Our extras take part for different reasons. Here's why:

  • Getting to know set life

  • Make/network contacts in the film industry

  • Easier start as an actor - after several years of experience

  • gather experience

  • Hobbies - fun

So throw yourself into the film adventure, whether you have experience or not, whether you are a career changer or not, apply to us and get involved. Of course, an expense allowance is also included and food is provided.

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