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Here are the golden rules for working on set:

1. Punctual & reliable

Punctuality is the be-all and end-all. So set the alarm clock in time to be on set on time and in a good mood. If you are unfortunately ill or unable to attend for another urgent reason, please let us know as soon as possible, ideally by phone or SMS, so that we can organize a replacement.

2. Hygiene

Especially with regard to the currently omnipresent problem, it is important to consistently adhere to the hygiene rules. If there is no filming, we ask you to leave the masks up and keep the minimum distance. While it is tested before each shoot so everyone can shoot safely and with a clear conscience, this serves as an added layer of protection for everyone on set.

3. Time management

Set aside the whole day for the shoot. Many shoots last only a few hours, but with regard to the often short-term dispo, it is essential that we can count on your commitment without restrictions.

4. Patience

A full-day shoot lasts up to 12 hours. You will receive all information regarding the time, location, etc. one day in advance by SMS as soon as the previous day of shooting is over.

5. Manners

There is always a set supervisor on the set. He is responsible for you and you will check in and out of this person if you leave the common room to go to the toilet etc. So that everything runs like clockwork, the supervisors should always know where you are. Catering is provided on site. The buffet is also opened by the supervisors.

6. No photos & videos

Photos and videos are strictly forbidden on the set. Under no circumstances may it be filmed or photographed. If that happens anyway, you can leave the set

be expelled and in some cases even fined.

7. Outfit

We will inform you before the shoot what clothes are needed if there is not already a costume for you. Always bring 2-3 options with you so the costume designers have a choice.

8. Camera

Looking at the camera means the scene needs to be shot again. So don't look at the camera, just pretend it's not there. In this way you prevent the team from having to work twice.

9. Pour your heart out to US (if necessary)

The production is not responsible for you, but WE. So please contact us with any questions and/or suggestions. We are happy to be able to help you.

10. Good vibes

Be in a good mood, friendly and make an effort then we will be happy to book you again.

The rules are the key to a successful and stress-free day on set!

Have fun!

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